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Nuts About the Holidays.

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I Loooooove handmade cards! They add a little special touch to any gift!

This year, for my holiday cards, I decided to do squirrels! (Get the title now....Nuts? Squirrels! Hah! I love lame puns!) Last year was birds.... And who knows what it'll be next year!

Outline to cut and trace!
Tips for some fun and easy handmade cards:

❄ Choose a simple idea. I chose a simple silhouette of a squirre. This way I can cut out a whole bunch!

❄ Have fun with patterned paper and layering! Scrapbooking paper, old wrapping paper...whatever!

❄ If calligraphy isn't your forté, print your messages from your computer with fancy writing!

❄ You can never go wrong with sparkles. They make everything better. Fact.

Draw a simple design for extra-fanciness!
You can even turn your design into a giftbag!

You can even make a whole set! 
Now go get your "holiday craft" on!

xo Natalie

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