DIY Ombre Planter

I had lots of fun painting this ombre pot! It is now the home of a lovely real plant in our living room!

This project was so inexpensive! I used a terracotta pot from the dollar store and two little bottles of craft paint: white and green (love the Martha Stewart granny smith thatr I found at Michaels).

Started with a plain terracotta pot
Painted it white.
Added the ombre, with thin coats.
Looks great!
I'm loving the ombre! Check out my bathroom painting where I also Played with some ombre!


So Fresh DIY Bathroom Painting

Hi there! I'm off work this week for March break! Woohoo! Since this is/will be an expensive year (new house, new car, wedding), I opted for a stay-cation. How better to kick it off with some Monday morning crafting! I've been looking for some artwork for my bathroom for a while. I've found some nice prints, but I was worried that the humidity of the bathroom would make them ripple. Getting them printed on canvas can be a little pricy, so I decided to make a canvas myself! I spent $20 on supplies, used my leftover wall paint and it's just perfect!

I trace over my design, and the graphite paper
underneath prints it on the canvas.
1. I found a print I liked and printed it on paper.
2. I painted a simple ombre background.
3. I transferred it using Saral graphite transfer paper. You could always "colour" the back using an HB pencil. (how to use graphite paper here)
4. I painted in the letters.


Filling in the letters (my transfer paper was white)
Just need to hang it now!
Perfect in my bathroom!


Xmas Polar Bear Cards

Hey there! I was having fun this evening making little holiday cards for my students and thought I would share them with.
I cut out a simple bear shape (wearing a tiny hat!) from white paper and glued it on red cardstock. Then, I traced some simple black features and voilà! So cute and easy to make!

Merry Christmas and happy crafting!

Some simple ink drawings.
the finished card! ♥


Balloon Birthday Card!

Hi there! Today is my dad's birthday, so I made him a little card. Thought I'd share it with you. So quick and easy to make, and I'll be slipping football tickets in there (hence the football ballooon!). I love it!

I printed the words from my computer, then used a thin black marker to draw balloons and then some watercolour crayons.
With some football tickets too!


Easy Owl Cards

Hi there!
This week, we made adorable owl cards at school for Mother's Day. The kids loved them AND they were so easy to do!

For the body, the kids traced a circle around a roll of masking tape. Same for the belly, but only the third of a circle. And for the eyes, they traced the cap of their glue stick onto white paper! Adorable! I even brought my special shape punches to make little hearts and stars. What a success!

patterned and coloured cardstock
roll of masking tape
glue stick
black marker
hole puncher (circle, shapes)

circles everywhere! so easy to do!
All so different and adorable!


Earth Day Rain Cloud

Hi there! Yesterday, April 22nd, was Earth Day! At my school we decided to turn the month of April into Earth Month. My students and I have been watching lots of little videos on the importance of recycling, the precious gift of water, and on ways to avoid over consumption of electricity and goods.

I wanted to share with you guys a beautiful craft we did after we talked about the importance of water. Every child cut out their own water drop and roll out why they thought water was important. Then we put it all together hanging from a beautiful raincloud and hung it in one of the windows in the classroom. Love it!

Writing on the importance of water: for drinking
for plants, for animals, washing, they found so many!

Looks great in our window!
A close-up on some water drops


DIY Polka Dot Wall

Hi there! I just finished my polka dot wall in my craft room and it's GORGEOUS!! I found this very sweet blog post that walked me through it. It took a total of about 2 hours. and the cost was under $30. It was pretty easy. I bought a 2 inch hole punch as well as 5 sheets (about $2 each) of vinyl decal paper and made about 120 dots. I used a laser level to make sure they were all lined up. That level was the most helpful tool ever, along with a pencil, eraser and ruler.

Getting there!
Matches my sweet golden accessories!