Fall Paper Wreath

Hi there! We made some cute paper wreaths this week. I got inspired from my leaf cutouts and garlands that are hanging in my windows in my classroom. Look how cute these turned out!


Thanksgiving Turkey Leaf Craft

Hi there! We made some adorable turkeys at school today with some pretty dried leaves and toilet paper roll. I traced the bodies on cardstock for my students (inspired from this website), but they put the rest together!

Used some beautiful fall leaves!
These look ADORABLE!


Hand-Painted Cottage Signs

Hello again! I've already started to get ready for back-to-school. This year, I'm leaving my classroom and headed into a portable, outside the school. I decided to call my new classroom a "cabin". Sounds a little more fun than "portable". Then I decided to make these signs for all the "cabins" that we'll hang in the inside of the windows, facing the school yard! They will look so cute with my Flannel Bear Pillows! I promise to take a pic once they're up

To make this project, I found this nice piece of wood that was stained gray at the hardware store. It was 12 feet long, so I cut it into four 3-foot pieces. All for $12! Afterwards, I stained them white and did some light sanding when they dried.

 Then, I wrote what I wanted on my computer and printed it out. I rubbed pencil behind my sheet of paper to turn it into graphite transfer paper.

 Once the words were transferred on my piece of wood, I painted it in with acrylic paint.
I added little details little a little pennant banner and some stars. I also stapled a string behind to be able to hang it. I can't wait to show my colleagues!


DIY Fairy Light Lanterns

Hi there! I wanted to share my fun little lanterns I made for my wedding reception! I wanted to hang little white lights all over the patio where we were holding our reception, but we could only have centerpieces, so I decided to put my little white light in the middle of the tables!

What you'll need:
- mason jar with lid
- fairy lights (i got mine on amazon for about 2$ a pop!)
- tape


1. Tape the battery back inside the jar lid.
2. "Stuff" the light string inside the jar.
3. Turn on and close the lid. voila! Looks awesome!
A pic of  the jar lantern at my reception.. Love it!


DIY Fabric Book Covers!

Hi there! I've been having fun with my scraps of fabric! I covered a book and a journal too. The best part is that you only need a little piece of fabric to make these easy book covers. Check out one of my old posts for the instructions or simply just watch the video tutorial here

almost no sewing, but lots of folding and pressing!


Flannel Bear Pillow

Hi there! I’ve been busy making an awesome bear pillow this morning! Next year I’m moving to a portable classroom, outside, so I’ve decided to transform it into a cabin. On top of that, our school theme is the canadian forest... how perfect is that?! Every class chose an animal. For my grade 2 class, I chose the bear! Perfect for my whimsical cabin!

Yesterday, i went to Fabircland and bought some brown flannel to make my bear pillows, inspired from this link I found on Pinterest. So soft and cozy! I ended up using a 14inch zipper, which bunches a little. For my second one, I’ll use a different one!

I started crafting some things, but I’m so excited to get in my class in a couple weeks! Stay tuned! 

Hand stiching the face features!
The face is all done! Cute!
Took an old throw cusion and made it round. Ready to stuff it!
Also made this little guy out of the scraps of flannel!


DIY Boxwood Wreath with Ribbon

Hi there! I’ve been looking for a new spring/summer wreath for a little while now. I finally found this faux boxwood wreath at Homesense for only $15!  I added this sweet striped ribbons that I found at Walmart for 4$ and BAM! I have this super awesome wreath!!

A little more simple than my last spring wreath!

Materials: wreath, ribbon, glue gun
and a metal D ring from a sewing store (to hang)
1 - "string" the ribbon through the wreath. Pull the ribbon through 
the D ring. Glue the two ribbon ends together.
2 - Make a bow.
3 -  Add a little piece in the middle and secure to the ribbon with glue.
I used a lighter to melt the edge, so that it wouldn't fray
Hung the D ring on a screw on the door. Looks great!