DIY Boxwood Wreath with Ribbon

Hi there! I’ve been looking for a new spring/summer wreath for a little while now. I finally found this faux boxwood wreath at Homesense for only $15!  I added this sweet striped ribbons that I found at Walmart for 4$ and BAM! I have this super awesome wreath!!

A little more simple than my last spring wreath!

Materials: wreath, ribbon, glue gun
and a metal D ring from a sewing store (to hang)
1 - "string" the ribbon through the wreath. Pull the ribbon through 
the D ring. Glue the two ribbon ends together.
2 - Make a bow.
3 -  Add a little piece in the middle and secure to the ribbon with glue.
I used a lighter to melt the edge, so that it wouldn't fray
Hung the D ring on a screw on the door. Looks great!


Earth Day Pledge Craft

Happy Earth Day! I hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous day outside! This past Friday, we decided to recognize Earth Day by making a pledge to help the Earth. Every student decided on one thing they could promise to do to help our planet: like recycling more, turning off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth, etc. Then they wrote it under their drawing of the Earth and “signed” it with a handprint! The idea came from a post I found on Pinterest, I simply translated it from “I pledge” to “Je m’engage √†”! Turned out great! And the kids lived dunking their hand in paint!! 

Start by drawing your Earth!
"sign" your pledge with a handprint!
Looks great!
They all look so great!


Hot Dog Bookmarks

Today was a winter storm day at school. After waking up and realizing that school buses were cancelled and I would have less students, I wondered what craft could I make. I wanted something simple like a bookmark but a little more exciting. Since we are doing instructions in French class, I decided to write instructions on how to make a hotdog bookmark. The kids loved them and they were so simple to make!

    ✂ Construction paper
     ✂ Scissors
     ✂ Glue
     ✂ Hole punch
     ✂ String
     ✂ Markers 
Looks great!


DIY Clothespin Bird

Hi there! Today, my students reading assignment was a step-by-step guide to make some sweet little birds... from clothespins! We are looking at instructions right now in French class: how to write steps, use proper verbs, etc... and what a perfect way to combine reading with crafting! I painted a bunch of clothepins the night before, to spare the mess, but they turned out so cute!

 ☁ Clothespins
 ☁ Feathers
 ☁ Google eyes
 ☁ Orange cardstock
 ☁ Glue (the stronger, the better)

Instructions here
They even fit on a pocket!
A fancy peacock!!


Silly Easter Bunny Craft.. with Glasses!

Hi there! Oh how I love Easter crafts! My colleague found this sweet craft the other day and even though I didn't have time to do it at school with my students, I was still able to find a two kids who wanted to craft with my this afternoon! The template is free for download and can be found here. The kids loved it and thought it turned out so well!! Great for kids of all ages. All you need is the printed templates, some cardstock, glue, scissors and markers! Easy-peasy! Happy Easter!
my crafting partners: Norah and Emmett, Jeremy's niece and nephew!
and of course I had to do one too! :)
And what would Easter be without a little chocolate and some treats! Check out the little bags I made for them with a kinder egg and a little beanie boo hiding inside!
Tags traced from this template
 (because didn't feel like printing a whole page!)


DIY Ombre Planter

I had lots of fun painting this ombre pot! It is now the home of a lovely real plant in our living room!

This project was so inexpensive! I used a terracotta pot from the dollar store and two little bottles of craft paint: white and green (love the Martha Stewart granny smith thatr I found at Michaels).

Started with a plain terracotta pot
Painted it white.
Added the ombre, with thin coats.
Looks great!
I'm loving the ombre! Check out my bathroom painting where I also Played with some ombre!


So Fresh DIY Bathroom Painting

Hi there! I'm off work this week for March break! Woohoo! Since this is/will be an expensive year (new house, new car, wedding), I opted for a stay-cation. How better to kick it off with some Monday morning crafting! I've been looking for some artwork for my bathroom for a while. I've found some nice prints, but I was worried that the humidity of the bathroom would make them ripple. Getting them printed on canvas can be a little pricy, so I decided to make a canvas myself! I spent $20 on supplies, used my leftover wall paint and it's just perfect!

I trace over my design, and the graphite paper
underneath prints it on the canvas.
1. I found a print I liked and printed it on paper.
2. I painted a simple ombre background.
3. I transferred it using Saral graphite transfer paper. You could always "colour" the back using an HB pencil. (how to use graphite paper here)
4. I painted in the letters.


Filling in the letters (my transfer paper was white)
Just need to hang it now!
Perfect in my bathroom!