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Crafty Gift Bags!

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Crafty gift bags with those adorable mitten gift tags!
#4 : Crafty Gift Bags!

So now that you've accumulated all these fun projects how do you wrap them up?! Decorate a blank gift bag!

The best part about this is that each bag can be so different! My colleague Jess said it best : "each bag is like a blank canvas!"

So all you need is some plain kraft- paper bags (You can also get them in funky colours at craft stores) and some paint, crayons or markers. Add some sparkles for some extra flair... et voilĂ ! A BEAUTIFUL handmade wrapping job! 

More bags!

Here's a non-christmasy variation of the project I did for last father's day! I simply traced the image onto the bag with a marker! So fun! My Dadou loved it!

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