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Christmas Tree Cards! For kids!

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# 2: Christmas tree cards!           

These are so so easy to make and the kids love them! When you open them, you get a whole Christmas tree! And even though most of my students are too young to write, they drew a big heart to say "I love you" to their parents and signed their names! They say pictures are worth a thousand words! ♥

                              What you'll need:
                               ❅ Green cardboard/paper
                               ❅ Various stickers
                               ❅ Crayons
                               ❅ Sparkles
                               ❅ Glue

To make these cute cards, You'll need to: 1. Pre-cut the tree shapes. I drew a stencil first and traced it on the green construction paper then cut them out. 2. Decorate! Draw, put stickers on... go crazy! 3. Make it fancy! With white glue, make patterns like garlands or swirls, then sprinkle sparkles on! Have fun with it! 

Joyeux Noël! ♥

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