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Fancy Mitten Gift Tags!

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# 3: Fancy mitten gift tags!

So for the past two weeks it's been craft city at school! We are accumulating a bunch of special handmade projects! After our winter concert, the kids will get to give all their precious creations to their parents in a gift bag! And how do we know which on belongs to who?! Gift tags!

To make this easy craft, you'll need:
        ❄ White cardstock (or thick paper)
        ❄ Crayons
        ❄ Scissors & hole puncher
        ❄ Yarn or ribbon
        ❄ Glitter!

Start by ① Cutting out your mitten shape. You can either make a stencil that the kids will trace or even pre-cut the mitten (check out Martha Stewart's template here). ② Colour your mitten with a fun pattern on one side. On the other write your name (from: ...)! ③ Fancy-it up with glitter! ④ Punch a hole, tie a string and attach to your gift! TA-DAM! ❄

So, so beautiful!

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