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Spooky Halloween mobile!

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Halloween is in the air! Today, at school, I spent all recess pretending I was either a witch, a vampire or a ghost and my students couldn't get enough!

So when Friday craft came, what do you think the best theme could possibly be?! HALLOWEEN of course! I decided to create these "spooky" mobile with my students. They each had the outlines of Halloween things photocopied on a piece of cardstock (I drew them with a sharpie!). They decorated it however they wanted! Check out some amazing results!!

For these Spooky mobiles, you will need:

     ✂ White cardstock
     ✂ String
     ✂ Scissors
     ✂ Glue
     ✂ Googly eyes
     ✂ Pastels or crayons
     ✂ Extras! Glitter, feathers, etc.

Check out all these great mobiles!
This one was my fav. AMAZING

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