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The day has come to leave my cozy the Gallery! With my teaching job, it's simply become too much work! To thank all the wonderful people in the Education and Public Programs division, I decided to make them cards! And what better theme for a goodbye than...birds! Moving on to new horizons!
old books!

To make cards like these, you will need:

✄ Cardstock (thick white paper)
✄ Various patterned paper (wrapping paper, origami paper, etc...)
✄ Old books with fun images (check out thrift stores! Dirt cheap!)
✄ Inkjet printer (to print the message on your card)
✄ Glue and scissors

I found this awesome Birds book at a thrift store near my work for $2! Although some turned out slightly creepy (check out that ostrich head! Hah!) These cheap and handmade cards turned out great! You can even add sparkles for a final touch!

For more tips on good thrift store shopping, check out my cousin's lesson on efficient  VV Shopping!

Here's a couple finished ones!

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  1. Waw Nathalie !!! ça m'amuse tes créations ! :) je suis une de tes fans ! hihi
    J'espère que ça se passe bien à ton école !

    *** J'adore le Kiwi !!!! Je l'adore !!!!! :)

    Stéphanie (kurdi)

  2. Great post, I see my card! Looking forward to seeing all your projects!