It's Fall... New dress!

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fall dress!
I love Fall!
I love it so much, that I start dressing in all it's beautiful colours! Browns, oranges, greens and reds!

During a much needed Fabricland trip this weekend, I found some beautiful fall-coloured fabric... all flowered of course!  (check out the sweet fabric swatches on the right!) I can't stop wearing flowered dresses, even in the winter. It just makes me so darn happy! ♡

People always ask me if I use a pattern... YES! and it's super easy to use! Just follow the instructions! I used the 6886 NEWLOOK pattern in size 10 and it looks great! I did, however, change up the skirt a little, and made the neckline a little lower (and the bust smaller, couldn't quite fill it)! The dress was done in aprox 3hrs!

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