Made with love (and a little Photoshop)

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I've been making many fabric creations lately and I decided it's time to start branding myself! But how?!

With beautiful iron-on labels that is! I decided to name my "sewing studio" Made with ♥ by Lili and created these wonderful labels with buttons, scrabble letters, flowers! I simply made an arrangement and took a picture with my IPhone! Amazing! Oh and lets' not forget a little Photoshop magic (check out my custom scrabble-heart!) !
Here is version #1

Here is version #2 (without the scrabble)

Now I can Iron them on every creation... with a little self-promotion!

Oh! and one last thing! If you're looking for iron-on transfer paper for your printer, I love Avery Dark T-Shirt transfers!

Happy Sunday ♥

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