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Flowery buttony cuteness!

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A lazy saturday evening = new hair decorations !

As most of you know, I'm a BIG fan of fake flowers. Combine them with my love of buttons... you get some pretty sweet flowery and buttony hair pins!

Wanna make some!? here's what you need:

     ✿ Buttons
     ✿ Small fake flowers
     ✿ Small piece of felt
     ✿ Thread + needle
     ✿ Bobby pin
     ✿ Glue (craft or hot)

 ✿ Step 1: Cut an oval out of felt. Sew on a flower and a button on the edge of it. 

✿ Step 2 : Sew the rest of the buttons and the flowers until the felt is completely covered.

 Step 3: Cut out a small piece of felt and insert it in the bobby pin.

✿ Step 4: Glue (I used hot glue) the bobby pin onto your floral arrangement!

✿ You're done! ✿ 

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