Flag Banners tutorial

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After many discussions about these fabulous festive flag banners or garlands (which have shown up in Garlands, Pompoms and Martha Stewart ) I have decided to create a tutorial so you can make your own in no time! It's the perfect project for all those random useless scraps of fabric! Here it is!

You will need:
Scraps of fabric (aprox. 1yard or 1m)
♥ 1 package of double fold bias tape (about 2$ at a fabric store)
♥ 1 spool of thread
♥ Pinking shears ("zigzag" scissors)

1. Draw and cut. Make a triangular pattern for your flags ( about 5" wide and 6" tall in center) and cut them with pinking shears (so they don't run). You'll need 20-25 triangles. Oh and have fun with the fabric! Mix it up!

2. String the flags. Open the double fold bias tape and "sandwich. the top of a triangle. Sew through all the layers in order to secure the flags to the bias tape. Repeat for every flag until you have a long garland!

3. Ta-dam! 
You're done! Now have some fun hanging them! 

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