Grow a new plant!

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Using clippings from houseplants is an easy (and FREE!) way to add to your own garden! On top of that, houseplants clean the air and add a touch of beauty to any home! You're about to witness my green thumb craftiness!

❶ Just look for a plant that seems to be growing (either with many stems or leafy vines)! Look at this Pothos's out of control (and one of my favorites)! I've also used Ivy and Spider plants before!

❷ Clip a few stems and place them it in a little glass jar with some fresh water near a well-lit window. Keep the water fresh, change every few days.

❸ In a few weeks (2-3 weeks) you'll notice new roots starting to show! When the roots are long enough (at least 2cm) you can plant them into pots with fresh soil (I always use africain violet soil... it's the best!) Now, just watch your new plant grow! I always find it exciting!

Then when your baby plant is all grown up... you can start the process again! And even share cuttings with friends! ♥

Check out my little garden! 

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