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Shake it!

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Maracas! This craft is perfect for those of you who are looking for a little project to bring some sunshine, rhythm and fun to your classroom!

All month, we've been discovering the continent of South America at school, so what better craft to do, than a latin american musical instrument... a maraca!


 What you'll need:
         ♪ Clean plastic applesauce containers
         ♪ Seeds, rice or peppercorns
         ♪ Popsicle sticks
         ♪ Yarn
         ♪ Pastels
         ♪ Hot glue
         ♪ Decorations (ribbons, beads, feathers)

⓵ Start by colouring the clean plastic applesauce containers with pastels

⓶ Fill one container with seeds and peppercorns anything that will make a good "shaking noise") Don't over do it! put enough to cover the bottom!

⓷ Hot glue a Popsicle stick on the inside rim of the container. Once it's dry, add glue all along the inside rim and place the other container on top (rim to rim). Fill in any gap with hot glue (there will be a small one around the popsicle stick!)

⓸ Now decorate with ribbons, yarn, feathers... or whatever your little heart desires!

⓹ Shake it! We even made a conga line in our classroom with the students! So much fun!
Look at these maracas! Beautiful!

Happy sunday! ♥

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