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Hand Print Cards!

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Father's Day! It's coming soon!

At school, we decided to go with a hand theme! Why not? Kid's hands are so cute and tiny... and they grow up so fast!

So here is the first of three hand-themed crafts.... Hand print cards! All you need to do is paint a hand (don't forget to use washable tempera paint!) and stamp it on beautiful paper! Fold and voilĂ !

So cute! Stay tuned for more crafts for Dad!

Step 1 : Apply paint on hand!
Step 2 : Stamp it!
tip: fold the paper before so it's nice and centered!
Step 3 : admire!
You can even add details with coloring pencils once it's dry!

Don't forget to add a cute message inside!

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1 comment:

  1. The kids will have a lot of fun in drawing these cards.