Balcony makeover!

09:29 Natalie Karine 1 Comments

This nice weather doesn't last long enough! So I decided to enjoy it as much as I could... on my balcony! I get so much joy from just having a cup of coffee in the sun in the morning or reading a book  at night. So I decided to make a few adjustments and make it pretty!

Oh and my cute balcony is even featured on my friend Mariel's super duper blog, The Very Notion! Thanks lady!

Here's what i did...

lots flowers!
Little flag banners... check out my tutorial!
Table cloth cut from some vintage fabric!
And some cute weights from the dollar store so that it won't
fly away!
Throw pillows for my bench!
A "container garden!" Veggies and herbs growing!
Want tips on how to make an edible garden? check out
this link!
I found a wicker shelf at a garage sale for $5 and spray-
painted it red!
Look at my tomato plant! It's getting huge!
I hope you're enjoying Spring! xo

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1 comment:

  1. Fantastisk udsigt over smukke altaner ....

    Tak til deling!