Some Thoughtful Bunting....

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Sewing up some letters for some inspiring, uplifting  messages!
Hello friends! I thought that I'd let you know that I'm participating in Ottawa's Chinatown Remixed, an month-long Art festival all along Sommerst st West, I'll be doing a performance/ installation in front of Highjinx (and a little bit everywhere on the Sommerset strip), a cute little furnitre store, that will also display the wonderful work of Marisa Gallemit!

This year, I've decided to create some thoughtful bunting (you know, those little flag banners I love!) adorned with uplifting messages! We see so many negative messages daily - you're missing this, change your life, change your body, etc - I'd like to counteract that and tell people the opposite! 

Come help me stitch up some letters, as we explore ideas of community an DIY culture. Stop by if you're in the Area (Percy and Sommerset), on Saturday, May 12th, from 2-5pm!

Using some recycled materials for the letters... old jeans!

Some "thoughtful bunting" I put up this winter!

This is me, with Chinadoll, two years ago during a performance titled Scarlet!

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