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Making the City Pretty!

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Happy Sunday!

Yesterday, I participated in the Chinatown Remixed Arts Festival... What a blast!!! I got to create a collaborative community project! I invited passers-by to help me stitch a letter for a banner which spelled the Chinese proverb "Talk doesn't cook rice". It was a success! When we finished it, in just over 3 hours, I gave it to Highjinx, the cute little retro store I was stationed at (Featuring Marisa Gallemit's art in the window!). They're an awesome shop that help the homeless with their proceeds! Talk about action cooking rice!

I even made it in the Apt 613 Style File for the festival!

Check out some other thoughtful bunting I put up on Sommerset St. West. I see it as some happy, uplifting temporary "graffiti". Someone even told me yesterday "Ah! You're the one making Ottawa pretty!" ♥

My Friends Sarah helping out!
The work station! A bunch of little kids helped out too!
I even gave out little fortune cookie messages....
Some old wise chinese proverbs!
That's me!

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