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Sunflower Seedlings!

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Happy Earth Day! ♻

Today we celebrated Earth Day at school by planting some lovely sunflower seeds... in recycled applesauce and yogurt containers! For the next couple weeks we'll be able to watch nature at its best, creating new life! So exciting!!!
Here's a great quote, perfect for Earth day (and which satisfies the sci-fi nerd in me)!

"There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew." - Marshall McLuhan
Wanna try? You'll need some sunflower seeds, recycled plastic containers
(yogurt or applesauce) and come potting soil! Simply fill the small cups
with soil and insert a sunflower seed about 2 cm deep! Place in a sunny
spot..... and voilà look at science do its thing!

*Tip: punch holes with a nail at the bottom of the cups to get adequate draining and avoid root rot.

Hopefully they'll look like this soon! I'll update in a couple weeks!

UPDATE! 1 week later! hooray!

We even grew tomato plants too!

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