It's a Tea Party!

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Hi there!

It has just occurred to me that I've never shared an important part of my craftiness with you! My performance art! Although it's slowed down a little (I was part of a performance collective after graduating art school) I still try to make it to festival and events when I can! I like to explore ideas of Identity, traditional women’s craft, community and DIY culture, all within today's consumerist society.

I wanted to share a special performance I did for Cornucopia in Westboro, for my birthday! I threw myself a tea party (2 years in a row), Alice-in-Wonderland Style - an over the top, exuberant, fabulous and extravagant giant birthday tea party! I invited strangers to celebrate with me, complete with treats, decorations, crafts and surprises for the whole family! I was amazing transforming a usually private celebration into a public event, connecting with many people I had never met before!

xo Natalie

candy, flowers and knick-knacks!

making fun birthday crafts!

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