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Rainy Day Clouds!

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 April showers bring May flowers

Have you ever heard the saying "April showers bring May flowers"? Well at school this week, we decided to tell the kids this one and our Mots du jour (Words of the Day) all had to do with rain and Spring.... So why not finish the week with a fun rainy craft?!

Here's my inspiration, made out of felt
This one's made of felt, but we decided to do ours with cardboard and construction paper instead!

What you'll need:
        ☂ white cardstock (thick cardboard)
        ☂ colourful construction paper
        ☂ yarn
        ☂ hot glue
        ☂ scissors
        ☂ colouring pencils
        ☂ hole puncher

How to do it:
❶ Cut out a cloud in the thick white cardboard (i made a stencil for the students). ❷ Cut out colourful raindrops in the construction paper (Teachers: you can even incorporate math and make patterns with the colours!) ❸ Punch holes (3-4) in the bottom of the cloud and attach long strands of yarn. ❹ Hot glue the raindrops onto the yarn. ❺ Decorate the cloud! Add a face or some colour! ❻ Punch a hole on top, add a string and display you beautiful mobile in a window!

So cute! who needs curtains?!

Happy Spring everybody! xo

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