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Melted Crayon Art!

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Hi again! February's been such a fun, creative month at school! Look at the latest project we made, inspired by a wonderful idea found on this blog! Since February's artist of the month is Andy Warhol, we thought that this Crayola project fit in nicely! (replace Campbell's soup cans with Crayola crayons!)

    What you'll need:
               ✏ Canvas
               ✏ Crayola crayons
               ✏ Hot glue-gun
               ✏ Hair dryer or heat gun

Look how wonderful this turned out! We let the kids pick pout their crayons, draw a little on the canvas and place the crayons however they liked on the canvas (we hot-glued them on for them.) Then we just melt them with a heat source... and voilà! Awesome abstract, pop-art-esque original artworks!

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