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 This Saturday is my mom's birthday and every year, I get faced with the same dilemma: What do I get the woman who has everything?! She really does... ask anyone who knows her! So why not something that money can't buy?! A fancy girls day..... with me!

I decided to make these fun coupons (and exercise my photoshop skills)! The first one is for a brunch at the best joint in town! The second coupon is for a manicure and pedicure from the place down the street! I'll get one too (never had either done) and place a gift certificate in the card to cover mom's!

Oh and put it all in this lovely handmade cupcake card (so fun and fast to make!) with that cute collage (of her and me as a baby), throw in some chocolates.... and ta-dam! Another succesful birthday gift! Bonne fête maman!!! ♥

Can't wait for my fancy day with mom!

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