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Sock puppets!

18:06 Natalie Karine 2 Comments

Have some lonely socks that lost their twin? Don't know what to do with them? Recycle them into sock puppets! A couple weeks ago we did this super fun craft at school with socks, yarn, googly eyes and a bunch of felt! (although it was really hard for the younger ones to cut into the felt.. I would recommend this craft for ages 7 and up)

I found some cool sock puppet blogs, like this one or this one, to inspire me, but it ended up that the kids had some (awesome) ideas of their own! The creative juices were flowing that day!Check out the creations down below! AMAZING!

a white kitty cat!
a magical unicorn!
a fierce dragon!
a scary vampire bat!
Wow! Look at all the puppets!

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  1. Such talent! Such creativity! You should copyright all your projects.

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