Fabric Book Covers!

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Book covers! Wanna make a beautiful gift? or cover up an old book? Or maybe read an embrassing book on the bus!? Well then why not a beautiful and simple book cover! Oh and the best part? It takes about 15 minutes!

In that pile of books over there on the left, there's a paperback book, a hardcover AND a note book (great gift!). It works for all books! I followed the tutorial in the Liberty Home Sewing Book, but I found this super cute tutorial online, that's practically the same!

Sewing supplies:
                       ◦ fabric*
                       ◦ thread
                       ◦ sewing machine
                       ◦ (and a book of course!)

* to determine the size of your rectangular piece that will serve as the slip cover, you need to mesure your book!
height = height of book, plus 1½in for hems
width = four times width of the front cover.

Simply follow this tutorial

and voila! Happy Sunday!

Ooooh! So pretty!

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