DIY Fabric coaster tutorial

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I was looking for coasters the other day and was amazed at how expensive they can be! So I decided to make some myself...with fabric! They also make ADORABLE gifts!

Wanna make your own?! It's pretty easy!

You'll need:
  ✄ fabric (2 pieces 4.5” x 4.5”per coaster)
  ✄ felt (1 piece 4” x 4” per coaster)
  ✄ thread
  ✄ sewing machine
  ✄ iron

① Get your supplies! ② Align your fabric. Place the first piece of fabric right side up, the second, right side down and then the felt on top. ③ Pin together. ④ Sew through all the layers, all the way around (as close to the outer edge as possible), leaving a 2” opening (to turn inside out later on). ⑤ Clip corners. ⑥ Turn inside out and press with an iron. ⑦ Sew all the way around. I even sewed diagonally across, creating an “X”. Voilà!

Look how cute they look with a ribbon!

Check out the ones I made for my friend Andrea...reversible! Ooooh!

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1 comment:

  1. Adorable! I wish I had a sewing machine! And knew how to sew!