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DIY Boxwood Wreath with Ribbon

16:32 Natalie Karine 0 Comments

Hi there! I’ve been looking for a new spring/summer wreath for a little while now. I finally found this faux boxwood wreath at Homesense for only $15!  I added this sweet striped ribbons that I found at Walmart for 4$ and BAM! I have this super awesome wreath!!

A little more simple than my last spring wreath!

Materials: wreath, ribbon, glue gun
and a metal D ring from a sewing store (to hang)
1 - "string" the ribbon through the wreath. Pull the ribbon through 
the D ring. Glue the two ribbon ends together.
2 - Make a bow.
3 -  Add a little piece in the middle and secure to the ribbon with glue.
I used a lighter to melt the edge, so that it wouldn't fray
Hung the D ring on a screw on the door. Looks great!

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